The New 'Take 5' Line-up

The New 'Take 5' Line-up

Ireland - Denmark - Spain - Spain - England

Bienvenido a 'take 5'
Una colección de cinco artistas internacionales que viven y trabajan
en la Costa Blanca, España.

Welcome to 'take 5'
A collection of five international artists living and working
on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Lamentamos informar a nuestros lectores que en el último momento debido a razones personales, Ricardo Hanna y Gabriela Navarré han tenido que retirarse de la 'take 5' exposicion. Sin embargo, nos complace informar de que dos artistas de gran talento español, a saber, Antonio Serralta y Rosa Fernanda Sánchez han aceptado nuestra invitación a participar en la exposicion.

We regret to inform our viewers that at the last minute due to personal reasons, Ricardo Hanna and Gabriela Navarré have had to withdraw from the 'take 5' exposicion. We are, however, delighted to advise that two extremely talented Spanish artists, namely Antonio Serralta and Rosa Fernanda Sanchez have accepted our invitation to participate in the exposicion.


To anyone who is interested - here is my latest entry on my own blogsite in relation to my next art based travel/adventure. Have a look and become a watcher over the next few weeks and months there instead. the address is

Also instead of using this blog page I have set up a proper website to deal with painting weekends that you may like to peruse. The address of that is

Thanks and enjoy. TJ

Hello to all
This is the first entry I have made in a long time on this blog. Mainly because I have been writing a weekly blog for an expat magazine in Spain about, strangely enough, the expat life in Spain. I have also been writing a weekly arts based article for a leading English expat newspaper on the Costa Blanca. With all these things going on as well as my normal work of painting and more recently, teaching art to adult students, coupled with the fact that I have been involved with international exhibitions in different countries, my life has been a bit hectic to say the least.

My next project is a major one. I am off to China, Mongolia and Russia in a few days and travelling by train with the Trans-Mongolian Railway across all three countries over the period of around 5 to 6 weeks to do a bit of research for an art exhibition around the end of the year. During the trip I shall be hand writing a daily blog which I shall upload whenever I have an opportunity en route, and have agreed with the newspaper to write a weekly article about the trip on my experiences and adventures.

So please keep an eye on this blog address for more entries in the following weeks.Here is a link to my weekly article in the newspaper for you to keep up to date with my progress as well.The CoastRider Newspaper